Can You Put a Crock Pot on the Stove? Reasons Explained

The slow cooker crock pot has been a kitchen staple for decades, providing an easy way to prepare meals with minimal effort. However, it’s common for cooks to wonder if they can use their crock pot on the stove. In short, the answer is no. It is not safe to put a crock pot on the stove. Doing so can cause the pot to crack or even explode, putting you and your kitchen at risk. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss why using a crock pot on the stove is not recommended and offer some alternative cooking methods that are both safe and effective.

Can You Put a Crock Pot on the Stove

Is It Possible to Cook a Crock Pot on the Stove?

A crock pot, also known as a slow cooker, is a convenient kitchen appliance that allows you to cook meals at a low temperature over an extended period. However, some may wonder if cooking a crock pot on the stove is possible instead of using the appliance. In this answer, we will explore this question and provide some insights.

The Following Reasons Advise Against Using Crock Pots on Stoves:

Most households use slow cookers, also known as crock pots. They are designed to be used as standalone appliances and not on stovetops. This response will explore why crock pots should not be put on stoves.

Reason 1. Material Compatibility

Most Crock Pots are made of ceramic or porcelain materials, not designed to be used on a stovetop. These materials are not heat-resistant enough to withstand direct contact with the heat source of a stove and can crack or shatter when exposed to sudden changes in temperature.

Reason 2. Heat Control

Crock Pots are designed to cook food slowly and evenly over a long period, using a low and consistent heat source. However, a stove provides high heat that can quickly overheat and burn the food or cause the Crock Pot to overheat and crack.

Reason 3. Electrical Safety

Crock Pots are electrical appliances designed to use a power outlet, not a stove. Using a Crock Pot on a stove can result in an electrical short circuit, which can be dangerous and cause fires or other electrical hazards.

Reason 4. Uneven Cooking

Using a Crock Pot on a stove can result in uneven cooking because the heat source is not evenly distributed. And this can cause some parts of the food to be overcooked while others remain undercooked.

Reason 5. Risk of Burns

Using a Crock Pot on a stove can also result in the risk of burns. The outside of the Crock Pot can become extremely hot, which can cause accidental burns to the skin or cause the Crock Pot to be knocked over, spilling hot food and causing further burns or injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can you transfer a crock pot dish to the stove?

If you need to transfer a crock pot dish to the stove, it’s best to remove the food from it and transfer it to a stovetop-safe pot or pan. And this will help ensure the food is cooked safely and evenly on the stove.

Can you put a crock pot in the microwave?

Putting a crock pot in the microwave is not recommended, as it is not designed for microwave use. Most crock pots are made of materials that are not microwave-safe and may cause the crock pot to crack or break. If you need to reheat food from a crock pot, transferring it to a microwave-safe dish before reheating it is best.


In conclusion, putting a crockpot on the stove is not recommended. Crock pots are designed as slow cookers and should not be used on a stove because they are not made to withstand direct heat from a stove burner. The heat from the stove can cause the crock pot to crack or even shatter, posing a danger to you and your family. Therefore, following the manufacturer’s instructions and using the crock pot only as intended to ensure your safety while cooking is essential. Always take precautions while cooking, and handle your crock pot with care.

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