Do I Latch Crock Pot While Cooking? Does It Matter?

Latching the crock pot or slower cooker while cooking has been a constant subject of debate. On one hand, the built-in locking mechanism on the latch seems to be a clear indication that it needs to be locked when in use. On the other hand, some argue that you should not latch the crock pot no matter what.

So, if you too are confused and had the question in mind, do I latch the crock pot while cooking, we’ve got the answer for you. The latch mechanism is present in your crock pot to help you carry your food right in the slow cooker after you are done cooking. Other than that, it serves no special purpose.

Below, we have explained what is the latch on a crock pot and why you shouldn’t use the locking functionality on the latch.

Do I Latch Crock Pot While Cooking

What is the Latch on a Crock Pot?

The latch or the locking mechanism on a crock pot is a feature found on some modern models. It secures the lid firmly onto the pot. This creates a tight seal during the cooking process. This added security is intended to prevent accidental spills or leaks, especially when transporting the slow cooker to potlucks or gatherings.

Why You Shouldn’t Latch Crock Pot While Cooking?

We’ve already mentioned that you should not use the latch while cooking. Yes, it does sound counter-intuitive, but it’s for good reason.

1. Steam Release

Slow cookers produce steam as they cook, and a tightly latched lid may prevent the steam from escaping. While the tight seal can come in handy in preventing spills, it’s essential for excess steam to escape to prevent pressure buildup inside the pot that can ruin your food.

2. Overcooking

When the lid is latched, there’s a higher chance of overcooking the food. The trapped heat and steam may cause the internal temperature to rise beyond the ideal cooking range. When that happens, you are at risk of getting partially dry or overcooked dishes.

3. Risk of Breaking

Without the steam release, your food will be ruined, we’ve already covered that. But there’s a far bigger risk involved when it comes to excess pressure buildup. It can break your crock pot, as well you hurt you in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Are you supposed to clamp down your crockpot?

Some crockpots come with clamps to secure the lid during transportation, but they are not meant to be clamped down while cooking.

How do you keep the lid on a crock pot?

Just ensure that the lid fits properly and snugly on the crockpot’s opening. This ensures a tight seal, which is important for proper cooking and to avoid any accidental spills or burns. However, don’t use the lock or latch.


Always check the user guide carefully to find out what your manufacturer recommends. However, most crock pot and slow cooker manufacturers recommend that you don’t use the latch to seal the lid very tightly when cooking. only do that when you don’t want spillage, for example when carrying food. Also, if you are unsure what is recommended by your manufacturer, keeping it off is always a safe choice as it diminishes any chance of an accident.

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