[Explained] Is A 4.7 Litre Slow Cooker Big Enough? 

There are different sizes of slow cookers available on the market and choosing the correct size for yourselves or your family can be a little bit challenging. Among different sizes, a 4.7-litre slow cooker is considered a medium-sized slow cooker.

But is a 4.7 litre slow cooker big enough for you? Well, whether a slow cooker is suitable for you depends on several factors like how many members you have, what you want to cook with that slow cooker, and how frequently you need to cook food.

In this article, we will focus on a 4.7 litre slow cooker, and discuss its feature and purposes so that you can determine whether this sized slow cooker is big enough for you or not. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

Is A 4.7 Litre Slow Cooker Big Enough

How Big Is the 4.7 Litre Slow Cooker?

Slow cookers are available in various sizes, ranging from 1 to 10 liters. The 4.7-litre size is considered medium-range and is popular among smaller households or individuals who don’t need to cook for a large group regularly.

Let’s explore the features of a 4.7-litre slow cooker to identify how big is it.

  1. Size of a 4.7 litre Slow Cooker

Here are the size and capacity of a 4.7-litre slow cooker:

  • The dimensions of this slow cooker can be different for different models. However, on average the dimension of these sized slow cookers are around 10 inches (Height) x 12 inches (Depth) x 13 inches (Width).
  • The weight of this slow cooker is around 5 kilograms or 11 lbs.
  • This slow cooker can hold 4.7 liters of food or liquid which is around 20 cups.
  1. How Many People Will A 4.7 L Slow Cooker Feed?

A 4.7 litres slow cooker is a mid-ranged slow cooker considering its size. It is ideal for a family of 4-5 people. This means you can make lunch and dinner for your medium-sized family with this slow cooker.

  1. Foods That Can Be Prepared with a 4.7 Litre Slow Cooker

A 4.7 litre slow cooker is an ideal slow cooker and you can make almost any recipe with it. For example, you can cook BBQ, Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Cacciatore, a scrumptious Beef Stew, and many more delicious foods.

However, you may still need to cut the meat into smaller pieces to fit inside this slow cooker. If you need to make a recipe with a large cut of meat, you should look for larger slow cookers.

Is A 4.7 Litre Slow Cooker Big Enough for Your Family?

As now you know how big is a 4.7 litre slow cooker, let’s identify whether it is big enough for your family or not. For this, you should consider the following factors:

1. Household Size

If the size of your household is 4 to 5 people, then a 4.7 litter is big enough for you. But if you have fewer family members, then you should consider going for a smaller one. Similarly, if you have more than 5 family members in your household, a 4.7 litter won’t prove big enough.

2. Cooking Frequency

If you are intended to cook meals regularly using a slow cooker, then a larger-sized slow cooker is better than the smaller one. For example, if you need to cook the same food frequently per day, then a 4.7 litre slow cooker can reduce the cooking frequency.

3. Types of Recipes

Whether a 4.7 slow cooker is big enough for you or not, also depends on the types of dishes that you want to prepare with this slow cooker. As you can’t cook large cuts of meat or larger quantities of food, a larger slow cooker may be a better option at this point.

However, if you are satisfied with smaller cuts of meat then you are good to go with this slow cooker.

4. Storage Space

Another thing to consider is the available space in your kitchen for storing the slow cooker when not in use. As a 4.7 slow cooker is not a tiny one, you need to ensure that you have enough space to store it in your kitchen before buying. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

How Big of A Crockpot Do I Need For A Family of 4?

If you have a small family with 4 family members, then a mid-ranged slow cooker is suitable for you. If the 4th member of your family is a kid, then you can go for a 3 to 3.5 litre slow cooker. But if you are 4 adults, then you can go for up to a 4.5 litre slow cooker.

Is A 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker Big Enough For A Family?

Yes, a 3.5 litre slow cooker is big enough for a single family of four members. But if your family have more member than that, a 3.5 litre isn’t big enough and you have to go for a larger one in that case.

Is 6.5 L Slow Cooker Too Big?

A 6.5 L slow cooker is considered a large-range slow cooker that can serve more than 6 people. So, if you have 6 or 7 people in your household, then 6.5 is the best option for you. But if you have a small family, then there is no need to go for a large slow cooker like 6.5 L.

What Litre Size Slow Cooker Do I Need?

What litre size slow cooker you need depends on several factors. Among them, the most important factor is how many people you need to cook for with that slow cooker. If the amount of people is 1 or 2, then a 1.5 to 3 L slow cooker is big enough. For 3-4 people, a 3-5L slow cooker is suitable, for 4-5 people, a 4.7-5.5 L slow cooker is suitable, and for 6-8 people, a 6.5 to 8 L slow cooker is recommended.


A 4.7-litre slow cooker can be an excellent addition to your kitchen, especially if you have a small to medium household and don’t frequently cook for large gatherings. However, whether a 4.7 litre slow cooker is big enough for you or not ultimately depends on your specific preferences, cooking habits, and the number of people you regularly serve. We hope you have found this guide helpful on determine whether a 4.7 litre slow cooker is big enough for you or not. Thanks for reading!

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